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20 precious words of Chanakya can show you the right path

Kautilya or Vishnugupta appeared in 360-263 BC. In history, he is known as ‘Chanakya’. He is an ancient Indian philosopher, economist and royal adviser. There is no doubt that the words he wrote in his book Arthashastra can be very acceptable and effective in today’s life.

👉🏻 Let’s take a look at Chanakya’s precious sayings: –

1) If a person without qualities is born into a high family, it does not matter. Even if one is born in the lower caste and becomes a scholar, the gods also respect him.

2) Students who waste most of their time sleeping and prefer to sleep more than they need to, cannot be successful in life and are unable to do most of the work properly.

3) The wicked are not saints even if they are educated in various ways, they are never sweet even if they are soaked in neem tree or soaked in milk.

4) Nothing is impossible for those who work hard. No country is foreign to an educated person.

5) The knowledge in the book, the wealth in the next hand is the same. When needed, it is not knowledge, not wealth.

7) The one who is with you in festivals, in danger, in famine, in the struggle with the enemy, at the royal gate and in the crematorium, is the true friend.

7) Just as a fire in a single tree can turn an entire forest into ashes, an entire family can be destroyed by a single son.

7) Those who are handsome and uneducated even though they are of high caste, they are incompatible like fragrant Palash flowers.

9) One thousand hands away from elephants, one hundred hands away from horses, ten hands away from horned animals. Stay as far away as possible from similar villains.

10) The snake is cruel, but the snake is more cruel than the snake. Snakes can be subdued with mantras or medicines, but who can subdue a snake?

11) The strength of the weak is king, the strength of a child is crying, the strength of a fool is silence, the strength of a thief is lying.

12) There are two kinds of jealous animals, such as snakes and snakes, people with cruel nature. Of these, people with snake-like crew nature are more terrible.

13) Naturally no one is our friend or enemy, only by work man becomes our friend or enemy.

14) The restless mind becomes the biggest obstacle behind gaining complete knowledge about any subject.

15) A learned person can also admit to great sorrow if he gives advice to a foolish person or takes care of a wicked wife or has a daily relationship with a sad person.

16) People should never stay in a place where you have no friends or from which you cannot acquire any knowledge.

17) Borrowing father, unfaithful mother, more beautiful wife and ignorant son, a great enemy of family life.

18) Fire, enemies and diseases should be completely eradicated, otherwise it will continue to grow.

19) The moon enhances the beauty of the stars, a good ruler enhances the beauty of the earth and also enhances the beauty in the relationship between husband and wife.

20) If the Guru teaches the disciple even one letter, then there is no thing in the world with which that disciple can repay the Guru’s debt.


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