Thursday, June 30, 2022

Although an American, India is intimately involved with me: Sundar Pichai

Born in Tamil Nadu, raised in Chennai, Kharagpur IIT alumni. India is closely associated with the life of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google. He spoke publicly once again. The CEO of Google has given an exclusive interview to the BBC on various issues recently. From the current state of the Internet to the Chinese market, he has expressed his views on everything.

According to him, control over the Internet is anti-democratic. The government is coming down on the free internet in more than one country. In that context, informed sources think that this comment of Google CEO is significant enough. Some people are again looking for the link between this statement of Sundar Pichai and the new digital rules of India. But his clear words, what should be said and what should not be said. There is controversy about that. For that, the media providing information should not be banned at all. The damage is greater.

Sundar Pichai said with artificial intelligence, more work and research is needed in this regard. On India, he said, “Although I am an American, I have close ties with India. India has a lot of role to play in what I have become. ” He also expressed his views on the business of internet in China. “None of our major services are available in China,” said Sundar Pichai.

In the tax debate, Google CEO Saf said that they pay tax on their majority shares in America. He also urged everyone to emphasize on ‘Two Step Authentication’. Pichai said to be more aware of the password.


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