Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Beware of the third wave ! Modi directed to complete the construction of 1500 oxygen plants quickly

The country sees thousands of people die every day due to lack of oxygen. Every day millions of people across the country are infected with corona in the second wave of corona. The situation goes out of control. Lack of hospital beds on the one hand and lack of oxygen on the other! The people of the country have had to stand and watch death. Something could not be arranged. Just going on blaming counter-blaming. However, in the current situation, the infection has decreased to some extent. But still the second wave is not completely gone.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has formed a new cabinet by ousting the old ones. The first cabinet meeting was held on Friday after the formation of the cabinet. The meeting is being chaired by the Prime Minister. Basically, doctors fear that the third wave will start in India very soon. Looking at that, the Prime Minister held important meetings on several issues including oxygen. Officials from several departments, including the new Union Health Minister, were present at the meeting. There are several issues discussed to prevent the third wave.

The central government has been cautious from the first day about education from the second wave. In the first cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister first inquired about the issue of oxygen. So far 1500 oxygen plants are being built across the country. If it starts working completely, it will be possible to reach oxygen in 4 lakh beds. This was stated by the officials at the meeting. Not only this, with the help of oxygen you can do welding. The Prime Minister has instructed the officials to complete the work of these plants as soon as possible. The Prime Minister has also instructed to launch it soon.

It is not enough to just turn on the oxygen plants. So that it is not wasted. That is why the Prime Minister has laid special emphasis on providing training. In particular, all health workers who will be involved in this work have been asked to be trained. It has been said to have trained staff in every district. Officials told Modi that special plans have been drawn up to train 6,000 workers across the country. The Prime Minister then further instructed the officials to work in liaison with each state government.

The third wave of corona will start in the country from August-September. Already warned. But people in a large part of the country are still wandering indifferently. Not using a mask. Everything is going on with a thumbs up to the Corona rule. Which is the center of concern. The Center has already advised the people of the country to be vigilant. In this situation, the central government is preparing for the third wave.


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