Saturday, November 26, 2022

Chanakya principle: These five types of people never see the face of money

The great sage Chanakya has discussed every aspect of human life and it matches literally. He saw human life very closely and many people still follow the path he showed.

Chanakya says that a lot of money is needed to fulfill the joy of life. Again there are people who cannot save in any way despite earning a lot of money. Lakshmi of their house does not exist as a result of some of their bad habits.

Now let us know which 5 types of people Chanakya has said about: –

1) A person who never has sweetness in his face, that is, always speaks with seriousness and bitterness, never saves money. According to Chanakya, one should always talk about sweetness so that the grace of Goddess Lakshmi can be obtained.

2) Food is needed to survive. But those who eat excessive amounts of food without need are in trouble for more money. According to Chanakya, Lakshmi does not like overeating people at all. So people should eat what they need.

3) If a person is dirty, Lakshmi also stays away from him. If that person lives unclean, he will never have money.

4) Night time is considered to be the most suitable for sleep. According to Chanakya, a person sleeping between sunrise and sunset after the end of the day has no meaning. Goddess Lakshmi never helps such a person.

5) The list of people who cannot save money also mentions people with dirty teeth. According to Chanakya, Lakshmi does not help people with dirty teeth.

মতে According to Chanakya, you can never save money without the help of Goddess Lakshmi. You have to live below poverty all your life. Only by the grace of Lakshmi can you become rich.


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