Tuesday, June 28, 2022

China will no longer allow coroner sources to be explored

Beijing has flatly rejected the World Health Organization’s (WHO) second-stage plan to find the source of the coronavirus in China. The head of the agency recently called on China to further cooperate in the investigation into the origin of the corona. In this context, the Chinese Deputy Health Minister has rejected.

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced plans to re-investigate the Chinese lab and the raw material market in Wuhan to find out the origin of the Corona epidemic. Tedros Adhanam Gabriasus. Because last time different countries including the United States expressed dissatisfaction with the results of the expert investigation. As a result, Washington put a lot of pressure on the WHO to re-investigate China.

Later, WHO chief Gabriasus said that their investigation team, which had gone to China to investigate the source of the corona, had not been given all the information. He also complained that members of the investigation team had difficulty finding basic information about the virus.

In such a situation, Beijing has poured water on the plan to search for the source of the corona in China in the second phase. “The plan means to show disrespect to us and they distrust science,” Deputy Health Minister Zheng Jian told a news conference on Thursday.

According to the Chinese authorities, “this issue is being politicized, China will never accept it.” WHO investigators visited China in January 2021. They spent four weeks searching Uhan and adjoining areas to identify the source of the virus.

China’s deputy health minister said the coronavirus had spread during the study because the lab protocol had been violated, prompting the WHO to re-examine the source of the corona. I was surprised to read this part of the company’s proposal. We will never accept a second-stage search offer in China. Hopefully, the advice of Chinese experts will be seriously reviewed by the WHO.

In December 2019, coronavirus spread around the world from Uhan. At one stage the epidemic took shape. So far, millions of people have lost their lives in Corona.


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