Thursday, June 30, 2022

Delhi is in the throes of a peasant revolt, Modi’s call for ‘calm down’

The farmers of Haryana and Punjab were vocal against the Central Agricultural Act from the very beginning. This time the dam broke with patience. On Thursday, several farmers’ organizations of the country called for ‘Let’s go to Delhi’. The capital has been rocked by protests from thousands of farmers from the Punjab-Haryana border, a border state on Delhi’s national highway. Water cannon, tear gas cell is not going to stop the rebellion. Rajnath Singh and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar appealed to the farmers to calm down.

Due to the protests, the barricades, sticks and water cannons could not stop the farmers. Unrest continued throughout the night on the highways of the capital. However, the Delhi border has been closed. There are also vigilant guards. Thousands of farmers from Haryana are staying on the Delhi-Ambala Highway, 75 km from Panipath Toll Plaza. On the other hand, farmers from Punjab have spent the night at the Karnal border.

Not just on foot, tractors, buses, jeeps, lorries, trucks have all gone to the capital as they can. To handle the situation, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh told the media that the government was willing to talk. The center is also interested in solving the problems of the farmers. In the words of the Minister of Agriculture, “I will tell all my farmer brothers not to get excited. I am sure this problem can be solved by talking. ”

Meanwhile, Rajnath Singh said on Thursday evening that he himself was the son of a farmer. The government will not betray the farmers. “I urge them to stop protesting,” he said. I invite you to sit in on the discussion. I am the Minister of Defense, I myself am a child of a farming family. I am inviting on behalf of that family. I agree to talk to them. Farmers will not be cheated. ”


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