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How to Play Rebirth Island in Warzone Complete Guide

Play Rebirth Island: The Gamers of Call of Duty Warzone now have access to Rebirth Island. Those familiar with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will recognize Rebirth Island as Alcatraz reimagined.

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Unlike Verdansk, the map is small enough for players to confront rivals easily. It also includes new game types that enhance the Warzone experience. It’s a near-exact reproduction of Alcatraz with modern graphics. New players will quickly master the map with practice and a few games.

Players can access Rebirth Island via the Warzone playlist. Rebirth Island is on several weekly playlists. Resurgence Trios, set on Rebirth Island, is a favorite playlist. Here are some Call of Duty Warzone Hacks that can help you improve your gameplay on Rebirth Island.

What is Rebirth Island?

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island offers a completely new way to play. Approximately the same size as the Port in Verdansk, forty players arrive on Rebirth Island. Contracts will be completed, loot will be gathered, and the gang will discover money as usual. But there is one crucial mechanic in Rebirth Island that you will have to get used to.

Due to the lack of a Gulag on Rebirth Island, respawning is extremely common. After dying, you will have to wait for a specified length of time (which might range anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds) before you can be resurrected and returned to the game.

Warzone Hacks to Play on Rebirth Island

  • Sole Survivor

On Rebirth Island, 30 seconds is a long period. Thus, players must be cautious when fighting several foes. Players must be mindful if they are the last ones standing and discover a means to avoid enemies. Audio recognition is critical in Warzone, and players must have a keen ear to identify enemy sources. Move and listen for the remaining enemy comrades. It is simpler to win when just one enemy challenges when fighting one on three.

  • Beware of Paratroopers

Players will keep dropping in during revival. Good teams can pull players from the sky and locate other teams. Because the map is so small, players can drop in and evade the notification radius.

They are always mindful of their surroundings. Two hits are all it takes to defeat an opponent. Those caught asleep will be beaten down or outgunned by those returning. In Resurgence extreme, two times as many players will parachute in.

  • Rebirth Island Loadouts

You can play Rebirth in two ways. The first is to move aggressively with a medium and close-range weapon. There are two possibilities for these people: Krig 6 and OTS 9. The Krig will be a force in prisons and other places with its wide range. Optional C58/MAC-10 will also work.

A sniper support secondary is recommended for maximum kills. Players falling from the sky are easy targets for gamers with decent aim. A sniper’s headshots are not immune to invulnerability when flying back in. Use the sniper with an SMG for maximum aggression or an AK-47 for maximum range.

  • Flank Directions Check

Players should be aware of common flank and choke areas on Rebirth. Map awareness is a Rebirth tip that many newer players overlook. For example, the prison has two roof-access stairs. One faces west, the other east. It’s typical for enemy squads to team push these places.

The gondola, north cable, and east cable are three more means to reach the roof. The third floor is also accessible from the east side of the prison via a diagonal concrete wall. Anyone with a mine or a claymore can detonate it to neutralize a flank threat. Teams can secure the prison block, get their loadout, and plan their rotation if they are constantly informed of likely opponent locations.

  • Positioning Your Team Effectively

This is true in all Warzone modes, especially close quarters. When players are side by side, it is considerably easier to switch between enemies. Close enough to play together but far enough to avoid being targeted. Enemy teams frequently focus on one objective while exposing themselves to the other two. Camping next to one other is a definite method to wipe out an enemy squad.


Due to the island’s small size compared to Verdasnk! Be careful not to get too comfy in a hole because the circle closes quickly due to its size. You may get a sense of scale by looking out the window. You may reuse the supply boxes, so you can keep acquiring gear for as long as you can survive in this area.



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