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Instructions for is a popular multiplayer video game worldwide. Playing on a regular basis will help you to improve your skills and vocabulary. It has a good impact on your IQ level and thinking capacity. This game is free on the internet. There are certain rules and regulations for the game as this is a Multiplayer game. It can be a little bit confusing for the new players to understand the rules. So, I am sharing some information and Instructions for This information will help you to understand the procedure of the game. is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. It is an online version of Pictionary. Each game has multiple timed rounds. In every round, one of the players draws a chosen word while others guess what the word is for points. The player with the most points at the end of all the rounds wins!

1. Downloading the Game and the primary procedures

Instructions for | Easy Guide

a) Download the game – As you search on the internet, you will find several websites on the result page. Not all websites are safe or accurate. You will find it on the official website and download by clicking on it.

b) Choose your Game Name – It will be safe if you don’t use your real name. As it is a multiplayer public game your name can be seen by the public. So it is wise not to use your name in public and any other private details of yours.

Still, you must write a name for yourself or will choose a random name for you. I guess you don’t want your name as a “driver” or something else. So it is important to choose a name for yourself. Still, you have to remember that you can’t use many characters for your name. It means you can’t have a big name for the game. Try to choose a short name for yourself.

c) Select the Language – is now available in many languages like – Arabic Hindi, Italian, Korean, and many other languages. The players can choose their own language or another language they are comfortable with i.e., you will choose the language of the game and get the player of the same language. Therefore, the player will find most of the player who speaks the same language. Choosing a language that is unknown to the player will cause a lot of problems and will create many confusions.

d) Choose a look for your player – There are three options for your online Character. One for the eyes and the other two options are for mouth and color. Click on the arrows and select what your on-screen monster will look like. When you are satisfied with the monsters’ look, you just need to press “play”.

If the monster’s look doesn’t matter to you, then you can simply press the die in the corner and it will create a random look for your character.

e) Joining the game – When you will join you will find other people already playing the game. So, it will be wise for you to join straight without bothering other players. As is a public game so try to maintain the conversation in the chatbox only about the game. Try not to entertain any other conversations apart from the “Hi” when you start playing.

2. Instructions you need to follow in your Game

Instructions for | Easy Guide

a) Be patient in your Game – In one player will draw an image and the other will have to guess it. It is not like that if you start first you will get the chance to draw first. So, when the other player is drawing you need to be calm and try to figure out the image. At the top of the image, you will find a few numbers of dashes which will indicate the number of letters in the word. will show you the one letter of the word. At the top, you will be able to find a Green thumbs up button and a red thumbs down button. By using these buttons you can say whether you liked the drawing or not.

b) Guess the image with the help of the dash button – In with the help of the dashes, you may guess the correct word or may not. If your guess is wrong you can guess the word again. If someone else guesses the word it won’t show you. You will only see who has guessed it. So there is no way to cheat. If you guess the word then just type the word. Do not write anything else or it will not accept your answer. Remember, just write the word. Nothing else.

c) Choose your word for drawing – There will be three options in when you will draw. So, it is very important that you choose a word that you can visualize easily and draw properly. It will also lower the risk of the votekick (procedure of elimination). Apart from these if you choose an uncommon word that may cause difficulties for other people. It will hard to guess for the other players in

d) Draw the image properly – It is important to draw clearly in and if you can’t do it then at least try to draw the things that are related to the pictures. If your drawing is inappropriate then there is a chance you might get votekicked. There are many useful tools in, which can make your drawing beautiful.

If you are not happy with the picture then you can simply drag it to the bin on the side and you will have another clean page to draw. Remember that the players who haven’t guessed the drawing won’t be able to see your texts for that round. Do not write the word unless know one answers correctly.

3. Interactions during the game

a) Be gentle and do not share personal information – It is important that you should maintain a proper conversation in the game. Do not share your personal details with anyone. If shared then anyone can disturb you. is a public game so, you need to be cautious about your personal details.

b) Be focused on your game and enjoy it too – While playing one must be focused during the game. Still, maintain proper behavior towards others. For example- if you don’t like a drawing of your opposite player, do not verbally abuse them. Instead of that you can simply use the Red thumb down button and dislike the picture. It will be enough for them to understand that you don’t like the picture. The most important thing is to remember that you are playing for fun. So enjoy your game and don’t spoil other players’ enjoyment as well.

c) Stay away from abusive people – You can stay away from the abusive people in the game. There is a button provided by, at the bottom of the player list. It is the “Votekick” button. If someone verbally abuses you in the game or tries to make you feel uncomfortable in the game you can simply “votekick” the player. After a few people voteKick the same person will be thrown out of the game. If you don’t want to eliminate it from the game don’t do anything disturbing to other players.

BENEFITS is a game that allows participants be able to practice language skills, especially building vocabulary comprehension. Teachers can choose to use the randomized list of words that provides, or they may customize the word list to cover a specific topic if they’d like. Students are able to choose a word and show their comprehension in a different way by having to draw the word so others are able to guess the word. They are able to use shapes and color to communicate the meaning of the word. It also increases the imagination of all those involved as they are asked to draw a picture for everyone else to guess. The others who are guessing the word must pay attention to the drawing and converting the drawing to a word. They are also able to use the dashes/letters on the top of the page to guess the word, building the use of context clues. Then, when someone is guessing, they must correctly spell the word for it to count as a correct guess.


As we all know that is a very interesting and engaging game you should at least play it for once. is not only good for your brain and skills it can be a good pass time if you play with your friends and family. The beginners who were confused about the instructions for i.e., “how to play the game?” or “how it works?” will have all the answers in this article.

Now you can follow the above-mentioned steps and start to play If you follow the above-mentioned steps properly, you will find no difficulties while playing So, don’t waste your time, just follow the steps and enjoy your game and create a good score and enjoy the game.

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