Saturday, November 26, 2022

It is possible to prevent hacking by following 4 simple rules

Many people are currently facing the problem of online fraud. Lately, there have been multiple allegations of missing money or stealing personal information from banks. While many are aware of this, everyone needs to be more aware. Care should be taken to ensure that personal information or all bank information does not reach anyone else.

Not only money but also personal photos and videos of many people have been hacked by hackers. Which is later distorted and blackmailed. Even those who are involved in anti-social activities can commit various misdeeds by hacking the email ID. So how to be safe? This problem can be solved by keeping four very simple tips in mind. A post has been made on the subject from the Twitter handle of the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Crime Department. There are four general rules –

1) Always use personal mobile or laptop or desktop for internet banking. Always log it out at the end of work.

2) Be aware of personal information being provided online on a website. In any case, you have to make sure that the website is not fake.

3) You need to use a personal device to use social media. Cybercafe computers cannot be used.

4) Email or phone inbox is often sent various links from suspicious or fake websites. Those links should never be clicked. There is a possibility of computer hacking.

In addition to this, a few more rules have to be followed. If possible, two-factor authentication should be kept in the account. Passwords should not have anything in common. Before opening a website, you need to check if you have the word https.

If you think a device or a specific account has been hacked, you should report it to the cybercrime department of the local police station as soon as possible.


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