Saturday, November 26, 2022

Not only Messi but also Brazil is worried about other dangers

Lionel Messi is one of the best footballers of the present time. Additional plans to keep any team playing against him. Brazil coach Tite will have to think of something special for Messi in this year’s Copa America final as well.

However, Casimiro, one of Brazil’s most trusted and defensive leaders, is reluctant to think only of Messi. According to him, Argentina has more players to pose a threat to. So Brazil is keeping in mind everything possible, not just Messi-centric.

Brazil and Argentina will meet in the historic Maracan on Sunday at 6 am Bangladesh time. These two teams will fight in the final of a tournament after a long 14 years. Which is spreading heat in the minds of millions of football fans around the world.

“I admire Messi a lot,” Casimiro told a news conference. But Argentina is not just Messi. For example, Casimiro is not the only defensive force in our team. “Argentina is a team that has a lot of great players.”

He added, ‘It’s not just a matter of one player. We know how much Messi’s ability is. He is a legendary player. But we have to think about the whole Argentine team and they have to play with dignity. ‘

Elaborating further on his remarks, Casimiro said: “It’s not just about Messi or Lautaro (Martinez). We can’t emphasize the two of us. They are both top level players, playing at the top level in the world. However, Argentina has reached the final with the combined contribution of all. So we have to respect the whole team. ‘

Meanwhile, Brazilian president Zaire Bolsonaro has predicted a 5-0 defeat to Argentina before the final. Addressing the Argentine president, he said: “I would like to say specifically to the Argentine president that the only competition between our two countries will be in Maracan,, in the Copper final.”

Bolsonaro added, “I also want to say the result of the match, 5-0. I raise my hand and say, we will win 5-0. However, after this match, Brazil must wish Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay well. ‘


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