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Rush r30 DI Blasi E-Bike Price is $3084.81. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.232604.85 Indian Rupee. Today we will talk about R30 DI Blasi E-Bike. What we are going to discuss today is not really a gadget. It is actually an electrical bike issue that we are many people who like to ride a bike or motorcycle and in the present, there is a huge increase in the circulation of electric bikes and many like to ride these electric bikes today.

The Di Blasi R30 is a scooter / Tricycle powered by an electric motor.
The Di Blasi R30 can be folded or unfolded fully automatically.
To fold the Di Blasi R30 to the size of a suitcase, just press the fold button.
To unfold the R30 just press another button and watch it return to a standard scooter – immediately ready to run.

When unfolded, the R30 offers a comfortable seat and easy access.

We will discuss one such type of electric bike The nature of the bike is completely different from the other, and the amazing thing is that this bike is actually a folding bike, so who can fold it? So let’s get to know some of the details about this electric bike. Now the name of the E-Bike is Di Blasi R30 Electronic Folding Bike.

The Di Blasi R30 is an engineering masterpiece that is now available to riders in the USA.

The R30 can be used around the neighborhood, away from home, on vacation, in the park, or wherever you wish.
When folded, the R30 is only 65 x 37 x 48cm / 25.6 x 14.6 x 18.9″).
The R30 can be stored almost everywhere – in the trunk of a car, in a boat, in a mobile home, or in a small corner at your house, apartment or office.
And it fits most elevators.

What Is R30 DI Blasi E-Bike? 

R30 DI Blasi Electronic Scooter. This scooter is very small and flexible and is equipped with a reverse function. The special feature of this R30 is the automatic folding system. You can fold it with a push of a red or green button. It also equips a trolley function and you can remove it when the scooter is folded. With the big wheel, this is perfect mobile support.

Di Blasi Model R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

R30 DI Blasi E-Bike Price

R30 DI Blasi E-Bike Price is 3084.81 Dollars. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.232604.85 Indian Rupee.

R30 DI Blasi E-Bike Specification

  1. Product Name: Di Blasi R30 Electronic Folding Bike.
  2. Brand: Di Blasi
  3. Product Dimensions: 65 x 37 x 48cm / 25.6 x 14.6 x 18.9″
  4. Tires: Pneumatic 12½” x 2¼”
  5. Unfolded Width / Length: 65 cm / 25.6″ (W) / 105cm – 41.37″ (L)
  6. Maximum Load: 100 kg / 220 Lbs
  7. Battery: Lithium (LiFePO4) 9Ah
  8. Motor: 24V 250 Watt
  9. Charger: 2A
Di Blasi Model R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

Rush r30 DI Blasi E-Bike Features

+ The R30 is easy to drive: just turn the main switch and regulate the speed by turning the twist grip.
+ The R30 can be driven through narrow pathways because is only 65cm / 25.6″ wide.
+ The R30 has a turning radius of only 86cm / 33.9″.
+ The R30 can go in reverse; can be driven on unpaved roads thanks to its large wheels (31cm / 12.5″ diameter).
+ The R30 easily climbs up to 11% slopes.
+ The R30 has a range of 20km / 12.4 miles.*
+ The Lithium battery is light and reliable – It does not require any special care thanks to an electronic charge and discharge control device.
+ Includes a Headlight
+ Includes a horn
+ Trolley makes it very easy to move when folded (new feature)

When your trike is folded, cover it to protect it from dust and dirt.
When the cover is not in use, it can be stored in a small bag that attaches to the trolley

+ Including the battery – 24,6kg / 54.2 Lbs
+ Without the battery (which can be removed or fitted in one second) 21,8kg / 48 Lbs.

* Rider Weight and Terrain Contingent

Folded Dimensions65 x 37 x 48cm / 25.6 x 14.6 x 18.9″
Unfolded Width65 cm / 25.6″
TiresPneumatic 12½” x 2¼”
Maximum Load100 kg / 220 Lbs
Motor24V 250 Watt
BatteryLithium (LiFePO4) 9Ah

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