Wednesday, June 29, 2022

See how ‘Elizabeth Russell’ of ‘Lagaan’ looks now, the whole look has changed

If you are a fan of Aamir Khan, you must have seen his popular 2001 film Lagaan. In which he won the hearts of the audience with his strong acting, you will be surprised to know that that film was awarded a lot of awards for its strong story and excellent screenplay at that time. KRK insulted Aamir Khan, saying- ‘Biwi Left but the country…..’

See how much has changed in the look of 'Elizabeth Russell' of 'Lagaan', had  one-sided love with Aamir in the film
देखिए अब कैसी दिखती हैं 'लगान' की 'एलिजाबेथ रसेल', बदल चूका पूरा लुक | See  how 'Elizabeth Russell' of 'Lagaan' looks like now, the whole look has  changed

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