Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Afghan ambassador warned China about the Taliban’s promise

Xavier Ahmed Qayem, Afghanistan’s ambassador to China, has warned the Taliban of its commitment to not harboring Islamic separatists in Xinjiang on Afghan soil. The Afghan ambassador issued the warning about a week after China met with Taliban officials. The British news agency Reuters reported.

Members of the Taliban delegation visited China last week. In a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the Taliban assured that they would not allow Afghan soil to be used against China. In response, Beijing has announced that it will continue to cooperate with Afghanistan and will not interfere in the country’s internal affairs. At the same time, they reiterated their commitment to helping restore peace and stability in Afghanistan.

China also hopes that the Taliban will play a significant role in ending the Afghan war and rebuilding the country. A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the Taliban to help suppress the East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement in the country’s Uighur Muslim-dominated Xinjiang region. It is said that Beijing expects the Taliban to suppress the group instead of harboring it as a direct threat to China’s national security.

Javier Ahmed Qayem, the Afghan ambassador to China, has broken the Taliban’s promise. “I don’t think China believes that,” he said.

According to him, the Taliban has promised to get regional cooperation.

Qayem said on Thursday that China’s position was that they wanted to mediate. The US-backed Afghan government has welcomed China’s involvement.

He added that the ideology of the separatists in the Taliban and Xinjiang is the same. How will they fight against people of the same ideology?


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