Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Taliban took control of the China-Afghan border town

The Taliban have taken control of the town of Wakhan in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province. Wakhan is Afghanistan’s only border town with China. Abdullah Nazi Nazari, a member of the governing council of Badakhshan province, told the media on Sunday.

He said the Taliban continued their occupation of Badakhshan province. They have reached the border area of ​​China’s Xinjiang province. He said Afghan government troops deployed in Wakhan district had fled to Tajikistan and the Taliban had captured the city without a fight.

The Wakhjir Pass, the inaccessible mountain pass in the Hindu Kush Mountains at an altitude of 4,923 m above sea level, is the only route between Afghanistan and China. After the border district of Wakhan in Afghanistan, this pass between Pakistan and Tajikistan is also known as the Wakhan Corridor. Its security is crucial to Beijing because of its location on the edge of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The Taliban had previously occupied two land ports along the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border with Iran and one with Pakistan. The Taliban also took control of the Turkmenistan border with Herat.

In the late nineteenth century, the Indian subcontinent was ruled by the British and Central Asia was ruled by the Russian Empire. As a result, there was a border conflict between the two societies. As a result, the Russo-British Treaty of 1893 created a buffer zone between the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia (now the Wakhan Corridor), which was ceded to the neutral country of Afghanistan.

Geographically the Wakhan Corridor is very inaccessible. It is bordered by Tajikistan to the northwest, Pakistan to the south, and China to the northeast.

The Taliban have recently claimed control of 75 percent of Afghanistan if the Kabul government rejects the claim.

Meanwhile, the conflict in Afghanistan continues. A bomb blast near the southern province of Helmand has killed at least three civilians. Six others were injured.

In addition, the Taliban continue to clash with government forces in various parts of Afghanistan. At least 109 Taliban members were killed in clashes with government forces in the country’s two southern provinces on Friday. Another 25 people were injured. This information has been confirmed by the Afghan army.

Meanwhile, Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported that Afghan forces had repulsed the Taliban’s advance in some areas and that some districts had fallen to the Taliban.


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