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xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download free full version 64 bit

xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download free full version 64 bit: xVideoServiceThief is a free software program that enables users to download video from the internet. This helpful program always allows you to download videos from different video hosting websites, such as YouTubeDailymotionVimeo and, many more to your personal library for future viewing. The software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is an open-source software with a general public license. This is very easy to use and you can just you can download any videos with xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download free full version 64 bit just one click.

Unlike other software, it can manage multiple downloads and avoids interruption or bugs. In addition to downloading videos, the software can also be used to convert formats, such as AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and, of course, MP3.

xVideoServiceThief is easy to use, user-friendly interface, and is fully customizable. In addition, an option to block or unblock adult websites and videos is included.

Download xVideoServiceThief (xVST)

Hello, do you searching for xvideoservicethief ubuntu software? I have really good information for you! I found this software few weeks ago and i need to say you is absolutely amazing!

What i need to do before?

The first point is you need to install ubuntu latest version, to increase maximal compatibility. However, you can download Linux ubuntu here or you can find some torrent or iso file. But so many people is familiar with install Ubuntu from USB. This option can be very easy for you.

What is ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. This system is based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Ubuntu have all the features of a Unix OS with an added graphic user interface. This interface makes it popular in universities and organizations. Ubuntu is designed to be used on personal computers, and also a server editions exist as well.

Ubuntu is an African word that literally means “humanity to others.”

What this tool can do?

Xvideoservicethief is a tool for downloading video clips from video websites. In other words this software also provide you the ability to convert each video in most popular formats. For example AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MP3.

xvideoservicethief para ubuntu 14.04

Developer : Xesc & Technology
Version : 2019 linux hdd usb 2.5.2
Language : English
size : 10.5MB
Update : 05-03-2019
License: Freeware
Systems : Windows
Compatibility : Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Download links are given at the end…………….

Some Important Features of xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download

  1. Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X)
  2. A lot of services supported (Youtube, Google Videos, etc.)
  3. Based on plug-ins
  4. Convert videos to common formats
  5. Simple and easy interface.
  6. works with a huge amount of websites from where you can download any videos for free.
  7. Used to convert formats, such as AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and, of course, MP3.
  8. Xvideoservicethief offers you super fast speed during the download because it downloads a single file over multiple connections.
  9. you can easily resume incomplete downloads.
  10. In addition, an option to block or unblock adult websites and videos is included.

xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download & Installation Process

  1. Download Xvideoservicethief for Linux from here.
  2. extract it use this command tar -xvf xVST_2_5_1_x64-linux-dynamic.tar
  3. put this command cd xVST_2_5_1_x64-linux-dynamic
  4. Add permission to install.sh file using this command chmod +x install.sh
  5. Start installing by this command ./install.sh
  6. Proceed through the process of installation.

Major features of xVideoServiceThief Ubuntu 16.04 download and it’s performance


  • The interface of this software is simple and easy. You can easily use all of its features.

Large Pool

  • it works with a very large number of websites from which you can download any videos for free.

Parallel Download

  • This software downloads multiple videos. You can insert multiple URLs at once and all the videos will download at the same time.

Schedule Downloads

  • fortunately, you can set future downloads. There is an option through which you can set future download and the download will start at the time you set.


  • It is completely secure and virus free. It is completely malware-free.

Convert Downloaded Videos

  • xVideoServiceThief can download videos and convert them into all popular video formats you want. It not only a downloader but also a video converter.


  • xVideoServiceThief offers you a great speed boost during downloads. Many downloaders out there that offer great downloading panel but what they are lacking is a great speed. Speed is the main feature of a downloader. xVideoServiceThief offers you super fast speed during the download because it downloads a single file over multiple connections.

How to Download Using xVideoServiceThief?

After downloading xVST. Open the app. You have set up your download location. You can do this in the bottom left of the app window.

Then you need to select ‘Add Video’ in the top right corner.

xvideoservicethief en uptodown com ubuntu

In the next tab, you have to enter the URL of the video that you want to download. XVideoServiceThief will automatically recognize the video site where you are downloading from. In the below example the video is from YouTube.

xVideoServiceThief screenshot
xvideoservicethief tutorial video converter

Select ‘OK’ and the video will begin to download straight away. If you wish, you can choose not to automatically start the video by unchecking ‘Download Videos Automatically’.

xVideoServiceThief screenshot
xvideoservicethief ubuntu softwar

How xVideoServiceThief works

You don’t really need any sort of tutorial, guide, or a computer technology degree to get to know how to use this program to download videos. It’s really easy and can be used just like any other program of this nature:

  1. Step 1: once you run the program, you’ll see on the lower part of the interface a box where you can configure the download folder to store your videos and audio.
  2. Step 2: on the right-hand side of the interface you can find the option Add video. If you click on it, a window will open inviting you to paste the corresponding URL.
  3. Step 3: press Accept and patiently wait for your video to be downloaded (the time will depend on your connection and the server).

In More Options, you’ll find precisely that, additional options to configure the output format, languages, download schedules, resolution, audio quality, etc.

Once the download has finished, you will receive a notification. Now go to your pre-designated download location and the video will be ready to watch.




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